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Galt, Ontario Factory

Sturtevant's factory was built at 52 Middleton St.,Galt(now part of Cambridge) in 1913 due to labor strife impacting the Hyde Park plant and to avoid a tariff. It lasted through the 1960s. Several structures still exist, now absorbed into the Canadian General Tower Ltd, an old-line industrial firm, that occupies the site.

Equally interesting is the site's early connection to Canadian automotive history. According to media reports at the time, Sturtevant acquired it from Canadian Motor Ltd, a failing company that built the Galt Touring Car. The company was purchased, relocated and renamed the Galt Motor Co. They produced one of the world's very first hybrid-electric cars. That history was recently honored by Toyota, which has a Cambridge facilty building Canada's first full hybrid car – the Lexus RX 450h, with a display of the only surviving example.

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Canadian General Tower entrance showing earlier Sturtevant buildings